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Pomogranit--ADR Instagram

I managed Pomogranit's Instagram from August 2018 to January 24, 2020. I curated and designed the content as well as copywriting of the posts. I grew the account around 1500 followers throughout my time there as Digital Marketing Associate. Here are some standouts - social campaigns and posts. 

     : @pomogranitstones

  • Instagram

This 6-grid Instagram banner announces the opening of a new showroom - a teaser, so to speak.  

"Cheers to new beginnings! We at @pomogranitstones and @ADRhouston are thrilled to show you a sneak peek of our upcoming showroom!

Here's what to come at @7800washington: 

  • Comprehensive material library encompassing tiles, stones and mosaics

  • Light filled and sleek designer workspaces and hospitality amenities

  • A&D focused & curated selection of materials

  • Full slabs on display

  • Fully-knowledgeable tile and stone experts

  • Location in the Design District - conveniently inside the loop! 

We are so excited and stay tuned for more updates"

This 6-grid Instagram banner announces the merger between Pomogranit Stones and ADR in 2018. I collaborated with the Creative Director by creating a flatlay styled with materials from two companies. 

"ADR and Pomogranit materials coming together to create the perfect palette! That's how much we are excited about the merger. #pomoXadr"

This 3-grid Instagram banner announces the official website and company name change in the aftermath of the merger. In conjunction with this social campaign, we also rolled out an email campaign.   

"Check out our new website! It was time that our main onine presence truly reflect our extensive offerings in slabs, tiles and mosaics. This is the "light" launch so we will keep adding new materials and details! The site is mobile-friendly, but to experience the full inventory and capabilities, we kindly ask you to use desktop. #pomoXadr"

Met Gala post

Collaborating with the creative director, we came up with a post that showcases "lookalike" stones as costumes at Met Gala 2019 "Camp: Note on Fashion". It not only shows creativity, but also relevancy and freshness. 

Foccacia Stone post

We decided to partake in #DollyPartonChallenge that swept social media in January 2020. It's a meme challenge that conveys multiple personalities of a person, a thing or a brand. We wanted to put a little bit of relevancy and pep into our social feed.

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